My love of film and travel has always transcended a more linear lifestyle. While studying for a double degree in business and criminology in Australia, I managed to spend a cumulative two years backpacking around the world alone. 

I stood for the national anthem in Thailand before watching Twilight: New Moon; frustration overwhelmed my enjoyment of Atonement as I was forced to endure an intermission in Tel Aviv; I even cried in my hostel after watching Crazy, Stupid, Love in La Paz. When in Melbourne, I worked at movie theaters so I could enjoy unlimited free tickets and empty weekday screenings. 

Cut to almost ten years later and I am working in Hollywood. The highs have soared from running five theaters in Salt Lake City for the Sundance Film Festival to driving Oscar Isaac to his hotel as he sang in the backseat. I've even worked with the creative minds behind OZARK and ATLANTA. But working in the industry has also meant contending with hostile characters, a breed of old Hollywood that is slowly disappearing.

As I continue working as a script consultant, my love of film has extended to meet, and work with, a vast array of writers. It has lead to me reading hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds!) of screenplays. A new generation is rising in Hollywood and it’s high time we tell some new stories because they are worth telling. 

This blog will be an assortment of movie and tv reviews, reflective essays of my experiences as I continue on this crazy adventure. Watch out for my next post as I keep wandering around the world from screen to screen.